The Brockman Family

August 8, 2023 | Family Story, News

The Brockman family going home after 42 nights at RMHC of Northwest Ohio.

The Brockman family going home after 42 nights at RMHC of Northwest Ohio.

In the heart of Lima, Ohio, the Brockman family’s life took an unexpected turn when Halle Brockman, during her pregnancy, faced a challenging situation. Sent to Toledo Hospital due to pre-term labor, Halle and her husband Caleb found themselves far from home and family. However, fate brought them to a place that would become their sanctuary during this difficult time – Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Ohio (RMHC).

A Twist of Fate

The Brockman family’s connection to the golden arches began years ago when 14-year-old Halle and Caleb crossed paths while working at McDonald’s. Little did they know that years later, the same company would play a significant role in their lives in a completely different way. When Halle was admitted to Toledo Hospital, she was later discharged to RMHC as her contractions halted. Still, fate had its way, and her water broke during their stay, leading to the early arrival of their twin babies, McKenna and McKinley, at just 30 weeks.

McKenna and McKinley Brockman

McKenna and McKinley Brockman

Discovering Support at RMHC

Before their stay at RMHC, the Brockman family had some knowledge of the organization’s community impact. However, it wasn’t until they found themselves in need that they truly understood the magnitude of support provided by Ronald McDonald House Charities. Halle expressed her gratitude, saying, “It is cool to see where the McDonald’s support goes to and how it helps all the families we are surrounded by. You never realize how much it helps until you see it.”

A Haven Away From Home

Being away from home and family during such a trying time was undeniably difficult for the Brockmans. However, RMHC became their refuge, allowing them to be close to their premature babies and offering much-needed support. The proximity to Toledo Hospital alleviated the burden of constant travel between Lima and Toledo, while the ability to stay close to their children brought immense comfort. Their two-year-old daughter, Madilyn, was also welcomed into the House, where she found joy in the playground and playroom.

Halle and Jacob with Madilyn.

Caleb and Halle with Madilyn.

A Support System That Goes Beyond

The Brockman family discovered that RMHC was more than just a place to stay – it was a nurturing community where they found comfort and solace. Halle expressed her admiration for the dedicated staff, stating, “Everyone has been amazing. All of the Family Service Managers have gone above and beyond for us. If we have an issue, they are there as soon as we need them.” The caring and attentive staff not only ensured the well-being of Halle and her newborns but also provided much-needed emotional support for their entire family.

Supporting RMHC: Making a Difference Together

The Brockman family’s journey at RMHC exemplifies the impact this organization has on families facing challenging circumstances. By providing a home away from home and a supportive community, RMHC offers families the strength to cope with their struggles. As Halle puts it, “The staff has made it ten times easier just by being there and supporting us.” On Monday, August 7 the Brockman family was able to head home to Lima, Ohio, with McKenna and McKinley.

This heartwarming story of the Brockman family at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Ohio reminds us of the importance of supporting organizations like RMHC. By extending a helping hand, we contribute to the well-being of families during their most vulnerable moments. Come together and make a difference by supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities, spreading hope, and sharing the burden of those in need.