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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Ohio

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Ohio was opened in 1982 as the 44th facility in the United States. The Toledo House offers services to over 600 families every year, providing bright community spaces, daily home-cooked meals, and a fully-stocked kitchen – as well as a network of support through interactions with other families, staff, and volunteers. There are 28 bedrooms with the private bathrooms in the current house located across the street from Ebeid Children’s Hospital. All families from any area medical facility are eligible to utilize the services of the House with transportation being provided. Our mission is to be a home away from home for families whose children are receiving inpatient or outpatient medical care. RMHC’s programs offer a place to call home at little or no cost so families can access the best care, regardless of location. In addition, by allowing families to stay together, children are likely to heal faster and cope better, while their caregivers can experience improved sleep and reduced stress, fear and anxiety.

Families wishing to stay at the Ronald McDonald House must obtain a referral from a doctor, nurse, or hospital social worker. The child must be a patient or outpatient at an area medical facility. Women with high-risk pregnancies and adults suffering from childhood diseases may also use the House.

Please notify your child’s nurse that you would like to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. The nurse will call us, confirming that your child is receiving medical care and that you reside outside the City of Toledo.

The Ronald McDonald House is just minutes from all hospitals and medical centers in Toledo, allowing families the comfort that comes from togetherness during a medical crisis. Without the Ronald McDonald House, families would face expensive hotel and meal costs, long commutes, sleeping, often uncomfortably, in a chair or on a cot at the hospital, or, the worst alternative of all, being absent. If you consider the average length of stay being 15 days, with a cost of $120 a night for a hotel stay, the cost for lodging alone would be $1,800, not to mention the cost for food, laundry, transportation, etc. We prepare over 365 meals each year for our guests, and food is always available for them to prepare their own meals.

Research studies and human intuition agree: Sick children who are surrounded by the people they love get better faster than those whose loved ones can not be with them. And, parents and caregivers who are present and active in their children’s care are less stressed and better able to provide love and reassurance.

Togetherness during a medical ordeal strengthens families. And, strong families build strong communities.