Be Our Guest

Families wishing to stay at the Ronald McDonald House must obtain a referral from a doctor, nurse, or hospital social worker. The child must be a patient or outpatient at an area medical facility. Women with high-risk pregnancies and adults suffering from childhood diseases may also use the House.

Please notify your child’s nurse that you would like to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. The nurse will call us, confirming that your child is receiving medical care and that you reside outside the City of Toledo.

As soon as we speak to your child’s nurse, we can make arrangements for your arrival. Registration takes just a few minutes and includes a quick tour of the House.

Guests of the Ronald McDonald House must reside outside the City of Toledo and be eighteen years old or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Guests must be:

  • Related to a child who is receiving medical treatment at a local medical facility
  • Or related to a young adult who is receiving medical care for a condition that resulted from an injury or illness that began during childhood
  • Or an expectant mother experiencing a high-risk pregnancy

Guests may stay as long as their child is receiving treatment at a local medical facility. Thanks to our generous donors, guests at the Ronald McDonald House stay free-of-charge. In addition, there is no charge for food, laundry, parking, or transportation to medical facilities.

We are not a hotel – rather, we offer a communal living environment in which all guests share responsibility for keeping our home safe, clean, and operating smoothly. The House welcomes families regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, or abilities.

Download a Guest Registration/Eligibility Form by clicking here.

View/Download our Program Information Sheet by clicking here.