Volunteer Appreciation Month – Mike Grames

March 30, 2022 | News, Volunteer Spotlight

Mike Grames - Volunteer Appreciation Month

Mike Grames is a volunteer at Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Northwest Ohio where he focuses on baking for families. Since his retirement nearly 13 years ago, volunteering has been a part of his life. He spent eight years volunteering for the Toledo Area Humane Society and has been volunteering at RMHC for the past four-plus years.

Every year, millions of pounds of pull tabs are donated to RMHC to fund the pantry.

“My interest in volunteering began when I was dropping off pull tabs and noticed that they (RMHC) were in need of someone to volunteer to bake/cook,” says Mike. “Initially it was just holidays, but I guess they liked my baking and asked me to come in twice a week.”

Every week, Mike is at RMHC on Tuesday and Friday to bake goods for families.

“If I can make cookies, brownies or anything else that provides a couple minutes of enjoyment for families that are going through a difficult time, then my goal is accomplished” explains Mike.  Mike says he doesn’t have any favorites among his goodies but a quick poll of the staff indicated that his Almond Joy cookies are No. 1.

Volunteers are always needed at RMHC for different tasks.

Wendy Bejaige, Director of Operations, says that “Mike is always eager to help. Whether it’s coming in to bake for holidays or parties, he always has a smile on his face and is willing to do more.” For example, Bejaige cited a 15-year-old was at RMHC with her family, and Mike took the time to teach her how to bake during his free time.

If you’re considering volunteering, Mike wants you to know that “If you have the time, means and ability, there is nothing like helping others. What you get back is way more than what you give.”

To volunteer at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Ohio, please contact Wendy Bejaige at wendy@rmhctoledo.org.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Ohio is a finalist for the “Best Place To Volunteer” in the Toledo Area Parent News 2021 Family Favorite Awards. To vote for RMHC, click HERE.